Shaving Soap

Shaving Soap
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Product Description

This soap is specially formulated to treat your skin with the care it deserves so that whatever you shave is protected against shaving rash. You'll especially love these soaps when using a shaving brush.

The Coconut is a natural brown color (not shown), Moonlight Path is the golden soap, Lavender Shaving soap is Lavender colored, Francincense and Myrrh is Red and the Rose Scented Shaving soap is pink-ish.

Instructions: When first putting this soap into your soap dish, place the dish (with soap) into your microwave on a separate plate. Do not cover. Turn the microwave on for 10-20 seconds. You'll see the soap puff up a bit and then settle back down once the microwave turns off. Remove the plate with the shaving soap dish and soap. Once cooled, the soap is safe to use and will now stick to the bottom of your shaving dish, regardless of the shape of the dish.