Dog Shampoo

SunDog Soaps' dog shampoo is an inspiration from our Eczema soap bar. We applied what we learned from our research on Eczema to create this unique blend resulting in an all-natural shampoo for all coats and skin types. This shampoo is especially effective on dogs with skin problems. We also scent it with natural insect repellants (Citronella, Eucalyptus, Cedarwood and Lavender) to provide your pet with that extra protection.

ON SALE FOR ONE WEEK ONLY. I made too much of our Premium Dog Shampoo. I intended to double a standard recipe size because the shampoo has been selling quite well. However, I inadvertently doubled the large recipe. I now have enough shampoo soap paste to wash a pound full of dogs several times over. You will benefit from this because we are having a SALE! This is the first ever sale of our dog shampoo and it won't likely be repeated so take advantage of this sale and stock up. You will get a HUGE discount off of every bottle. BRING A FRIEND AND STOCK UP WHILE THE SALE LASTS. This sale will only be here for about one week, ending on the 3rd of August.

Dog Shampoo 16 oz
Regular price: $13.50
Sale price: $10.80
Dog Shampoo 8 oz
Regular price: $7.00
Sale price: $5.50